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Combining art, science and insights to create high-impact flavors that inspire and enhance taste is core to our approach.


Synergy Pure® water-based extracts, natural flavors, citrus extracts and more.

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shape-ts-food-natural Natural


Dessert flavors, sweet browns, fruit flavors and more.

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shape-ts-food-sweet Sweet


Herbs, spices, taste modulators and meat flavors suitable for both meat and plant-based products.

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shape-ts-food-savory Savory

Dairy & Plant-based

Taste modulators, dairy enhancers and indulgent profiles suitable for dairy and non-dairy products.

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shape-ts-food-dairy Dairy & Plant-based


Lemon, lime, grapefruit and other citrus profiles inspired by our Italian heritage and history of extraction expertise.

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shape-ts-food-citrus Citrus


Pure vanilla extracts and flavors ranging across designations from vanilla growing regions around the world.

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shape-ts-food-vanilla Vanilla

Taste Modulation

Synergy’s taste modulation expertise combines art, science and insight to help manufacturers deliver a more balanced flavor profile in their products.

Whether the goal is to boost sweetness, improve indulgence and mouthfeel or mask undesired notes, our modulation portfolio and expertise will support you with your next reformulation project.

Insights & Inspiration

Trendspotting: Superfruit Flavors in RTD Alcohol

Fruit blends and cocktail profiles have topped RTD alcohol launches in recent years, with flavors like citrus and margarita becoming staples in almost every brand. While we’ve seen some expansion into lemonades, punch, and tea, superfruits rank as the second fastest-growing flavor category within the segment (Innova New Products Database). 

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Trendspotting: Discover Umami with Okonomiyaki Sauce

Okonomiyaki sauce is trending on social media because it’s easy to make, packs a punch of umami and brings home Japanese street food. The sauce tastes similar to Worcestershire or Tonkatsu sauce and is popular because of its sweet, smoky flavor and versatility.

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Trendspotting: Exploring Ube’s Rising Popularity

In the world of food and drink trends, one vibrant ingredient is capturing the attention of food enthusiasts worldwide: Ube. This stunning purple yam is making waves not only for its color but also for its delightful flavor and versatility in culinary creations.

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Nurturing Your Mood Through Functional Beverages

Consumers today are prioritizing emotional well-being to maintain a balanced and fulfilling life. The need for effective ways to support our emotional health has led to a growing interest in functional beverages to nourish our minds and bodies.  

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5 Trends to Watch 2024: Alcohol

Make some room tequila and whiskey, vodka is going mainstream! This year, we expect all three of these spirits to play a significant role in the alcohol segment and vodka to come into the spotlight with its appealing neutral base.

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5 Trends to Watch 2024: Tea

The competitive beverage market continues to drive innovation and the tea segment is no exception. From perfecting sweetness to enhancing your mood, tea is going to make its way into more drinking occasions and dayparts this year. 

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5 Trends to Watch 2024: Sweet Goods

The sweet goods category will continue to see growth as consumers reach for things that make them happy. Nostalgic flavors like birthday cake, cookie dough, cookies & cream and s’mores remain appealing because they bring joy.

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5 Trends to Watch 2024: Ice Cream

America’s favorite after-dinner snack could be moving out of its rut this year with new textures and ease of consumption. From new flavors and superfoods to licensing deals, ice cream is about to get exciting.

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Flavors of the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and as meal preparations are underway, we hope our Holiday Flavor Plate can help give you some inspiration.

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Consumers Weigh in on Whey Protein

Whey protein has become one of the most popular and recognized supplements in the nutrition segment because of its reported health and wellness benefits. It’s a staple in the fitness community, but whey protein is not only used by dedicated athletes today.

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RTD Vodka Cocktails & Seltzers: Market Insights & Flavor Trends

The US flavored alcoholic beverage (FAB) retail market has continued to climb in value, with Innova Market Insights forecasting an 18% CAGR from 2021-2023, bringing the value to just under $18 billion. Surpassing other countries in terms of growth and dollar value, the US often leads in new product innovation globally.

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Synergy Flavors Explores Everyone’s a Gamer at IFT

Everyone’s a Gamer is one of the Next Wave macro trends we will be debuting at IFT, which runs July 16-19 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Next Wave is a future-looking trendspotting tool Synergy Flavors created to enable innovation teams to get ahead of macro changes in consumer behavior.

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Synergy Flavors Explores Breakfast Expanded at IFT

Breakfast Expanded is one of the Next Wave macro trends we will be debuting at IFT, which runs July 16-19 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Next Wave is a future-looking trendspotting tool Synergy Flavors created to enable innovation teams to get ahead of macro changes in consumer behavior.

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Next Wave of RTD Alcohol: Digital Natives

Consumer trend analysis is not a new concept in the food and beverage industry. What is groundbreaking is being ahead of the game in predicting behavior changes and analyzing the effects the trends might have in food and beverage.  

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Trendspotting: Hot Honey is Sticking Around

The winter season officially starts in just a few weeks and the colder it gets, the more consumers are drawn to warm, sweet and spicy food and drink. Sweet and spicy sauces can enhance plain dishes and 66% of Americans say they are interested in these flavors, according to Mintel.

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Trendspotting: Oodles of Noodles, Rice and Pasta

Consumers continue to demand greater transparency into what is in the food and drink they consume, making them feel more in control of their health and wellness than ever before. This is especially important today as uncertainty about the world around us drives consumer need for a sense of authority over our lives.

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Trendspotting: Flash Brew Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages and the second-most traded commodity globally, with more than 2.25 billion cups consumed daily. In the United States, more than 400 million cups are consumed every day.

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Grab a Spoonful of Market Share with Plant-Based Ice Cream

Prioritizing healthy eating and overall wellness remains a focus area for consumers. Nearly half of all consumers have changed the type of basic groceries they buy and 64% say they select more nutrient-dense foods since the pandemic began, according to Mintel’s Better for You Eating Trends.

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Inspiring Seasons: Winter

Every season has its own taste. During those frigid winter months, consumers turn to roasted and toasted flavors that remind them of sitting by a fire or peppermint and eggnog to enjoy Christmas in their cups.

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Consumer Insights: Energy Drinks

Competition is heating up in the energy area among all types of beverages…not just energy drinks. From natural ingredients to specific use occasions, consumers turn to energy drinks to get an extra pep in their step while seeking the health benefits of added functional ingredients.

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Starting Anew in 2022 with Better-For-You Beverages

As the ball dropped in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, you undoubtedly participated in the age-old tradition of New Year’s resolutions. This probably included some sort of health pledge like vowing to quit all your bad habits, lose those extra pounds and be more mindful of what you put in your body.

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Inspiring Trends 2021-2022: Connected During the Holidays

To say the holidays looked a little different last year would be an understatement. After spending most of the year isolated from friends and family, we all wanted to reconnect and celebrate during the holidays. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, or it came with a lot of stress. 

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Why Madagascar Vanilla is Considered the Gold Standard

Situated about 250 miles off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean is the world’s fourth-largest island: Madagascar. Home to various plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth, the island’s rainforests, deserts, beaches and unique flora and fauna make it a one-of-a-kind destination.

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The Story of Vanilla and How it Became the Most Prolific Flavor

Often unfairly described as simple or boring, vanilla is anything but plain. Not only is it considered to be the world’s favorite flavor because of its subtle yet intoxicatingly sweet, creamy and floral notes, but the process for producing vanilla is meticulous, unforgiving and exhilarating.  

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The Future of Coffee: What’s the Buzz on Hard Coffee?

Coffee and alcohol is not a new phenomenon. Consumers have been enjoying the combination for decades, if not centuries. The popular espresso martini was reportedly invented by Dick Bradsell in 1983, known at the time as the vodka espresso. Dating back even further to 1936, two lifelong friends wondered what would happen when you enrich alcohol with coffee. The result was Kahlua. 

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The Future of Coffee: Coffee Around the World

How do you take your coffee? The possibilities are endless and what is considered “normal” depends on where in the world you live.  In the U.S., for example, the norm is to enjoy a drip coffee with milk and sugar, but in Finland they want hot coffee poured over chunks of cheese curds. 

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Inspiring Trends 2021-2022: Adventure Awaits

Exploring the world through food and drink was woven deeply into our routines prior to the pandemic. We relied on restaurants to taste cuisines from countries we dreamed of one day visiting and bartenders to pour artfully crafted beverages that when posted on Instagram would give others fear of missing out.  

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Inspiring Trends 2021-2022: Connected

Consumers’ understanding of community has been strengthened by COVID-19. As inherently social beings, we are craving human connection and interactions more than ever after the pandemic left us mostly isolated for more than a year.

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Plant-Based Dairy Trends

Though the movement of plant-based products from health food stores to mainstream grocery stores has been gradual over the last few decades, a tidal shift is underway. No longer are the dairy aisles limited to soy and almond milks. Today one might find an oat-based beverage, one with added pea protein, or a blend of oat, hemp and kale.

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Understanding Consumer Needs in Protein Fortified Beverages

It’s only really since the turn of the century that sports nutrition has made its way into mainstream consciousness. As recently as 2010, the U.S. nutrition market was valued at $4.85 billion, whereas today it sits at around $13.16 billion, an increase of 171%, according to Euromonitor, Market Sizes.

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Inspiring Trends 2021-2022: Adopt the Pace of Nature

The past 15 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions that mostly parallel the seven stages of grief. First came shock and denial about how significantly the coronavirus pandemic would impact our lives. Depression followed as we mourned our old way of life and the havoc the virus caused throughout the world.

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