Taste Modulation

Taste Modulation solutions for food, beverage and nutrition

Multidimensional Taste

Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry are under growing pressure to produce healthier products without compromising on taste.

This can mean reducing some ingredients to improve nutritional labelling or adding others to boost the health profile, both of which create unique and complex taste challenges. Our taste modulation portfolio leverages a robust toolbox of characterizing and modulating taste solutions to address these multi-dimensional taste challenges and deliver healthy products with the taste consumers love.

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Manufacturers are under growing pressure to reduce the sugar content of their products. Our sweetness modulation portfolio helps deliver a reduced sugar recipe that doesn’t compromise on sweetness, mouthfeel and overall flavor delivery.

Sugar reduction solution

  • Reduces sugar content by up to 30%
  • Enhances the perception of sweetness
  • Improves texture and indulgence
  • Assists flavor delivery

Balancing solution

  • Replicates the taste of sugar in high-intensity sweetener products
  • Reduces undesirable notes of high-intensity sweeteners such as stevia & sucralose
  • Works with natural sugar replacers to improve overall taste experience
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Sometimes the pursuit of functional, healthier and ethical products can create unique taste challenges, such as off-notes or bitterness. Our extensive protein and fermentation experience makes us uniquely placed to tackle the multi-dimensional taste challenges associated with functional, fortified and plant-based food and beverages.

Flavor masking solutions

  • Reduces bitterness in BCAA’s by 20%
  • Masks undesirable notes of functional ingredients including proteins, vitamins, minerals and caffeine
  • Masks undesirable notes often associated with sweeteners

Harmonizing flavor solutions

  • Delivers a clean, natural and balanced flavor profile
  • Neutralizes the flavor of plant-based foods
  • Harmonizes the taste of overly sweet beverages
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There is nothing like salt to enhance a savory taste but we all need to watch our intake for health reasons. Our portfolio of taste solutions allows manufacturers to reduce the sodium content of their recipes while delivering a more intense and balanced savory taste experience.

Salt reduction solutions

  • Reduces sodium levels
  • Improves overall savory taste experience

Umami & kokumi balancing

  • Delivers increased umami taste perception
  • Enhances taste with kokumi ‘mouthfulness’
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Our dairy heritage and deep understanding of nutrition product development give us real insight into formulation nuances that help improve mouthfeel across a wide range of market categories, from plant-based food and drink to whey RTD or RTM products.

Mouthfeel formulations

  • Reduces grittiness
  • Replicates the mouthfeel of fat in reduced fat recipes
  • Improves residence time in the mouth for a longer flavor
  • Adds creaminess

Calorie reduction solutions

  • Up to 15% calorie reduction
  • Improves indulgence and texture



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We offer a full range of flavors, from homegrown to exotic, and subtle to impactful.


Synergy Pure® water-based extracts, natural flavors, citrus extracts and more.

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Herbs, spices, taste modulators and meat flavors suitable for both meat and plant-based products.

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Taste modulators, dairy enhancers and indulgent profiles suitable for dairy and non-dairy products.

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Dairy & Plant-Based

Lemon, lime, grapefruit and other citrus profiles inspired by our Italian heritage and history of extraction expertise.

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Pure vanilla extracts and flavors ranging across designations from vanilla growing regions around the world.

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