Vanilla taste solutions for the food, beverage and nutrition market

Vanilla Extracts & Flavors

With vanilla extraction expertise dating back to 1911, we understand the artistry and the science better than anyone when it comes to producing high-quality sustainable vanilla. 

Combining our proven extraction techniques with cutting-edge sensory analysis expertise, we offer a wide range of customizable vanilla extracts and natural flavorings. 

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Vanilla Process & Giving Back

Learn about our relationship with vanilla farmers in Madagascar

The Story of Vanilla

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The story of vanilla is rich, filled with global and cultural travel, evolution, and taste complexity. At Synergy, we know vanilla is anything but plain.

Vanilla: Market & Consumer

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Vanilla is well-known as the world’s favorite flavor. Learn about consumer preferences and market presence of vanilla across food, drink and nutrition.

Sustainable Vanilla

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Vanilla is at the heart of the flavor industry, and so too are the farmers that produce the globally-loved commodity. Learn more about our sustainable vanilla initiatives.

Explore Our Taste Solutions

We offer a full range of flavors, from homegrown to exotic, and subtle to impactful.


Synergy Pure® water-based extracts, natural flavors, citrus extracts and more.

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shape-ts-food-natural-grn Natural


Herbs, spices, taste modulators and meat flavors suitable for both meat and plant-based products.

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shape-ts-food-sweet-grn Sweet


Taste modulators, dairy enhancers and indulgent profiles suitable for dairy and non-dairy products.

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shape-ts-food-savory-grn Savory

Dairy & Plant-Based

Lemon, lime, grapefruit and other citrus profiles inspired by our Italian heritage and history of extraction expertise.

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shape-ts-food-dairy-grn Dairy & Plant-Based


Pure vanilla extracts and flavors ranging across designations from vanilla growing regions around the world.

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