5 Trends to Watch 2024: Nutrition

Nutrition is a major focus for consumers in the first part of the new year, and while some resolutions don’t often make it past the first or second month, we expect these trends will last all year.

Consumers will be more conscious of the amount of caffeine they are consuming, as well as whether they are hydrated. Synergy is taking a deep dive into hydration with our new trend report, The Hydration Revolution, which launched in January.

Check Out Our 5 Trends to Watch in 2024 Featuring Nutrition:

1. Caffeine Awareness

Caffeine is still king in sports nutrition products, particularly in energy drinks and pre-workouts, but a growing awareness around caffeine intake has created demand for “jitter-free”, “no-crash” products, leaving potential for caffeine-free formulations and alternative energizing ingredients.

2. The Hydration Revolution

Consumer interest in hydration has been intensified by a general increase in post-covid wellness goals and the demand has created opportunities for a recent revolution in hydration products. Dominated by sports drinks bottles for decades, new formats have emerged and additional benefits are being combined with electrolytes to deliver a more holistic product to consumers.

3. Chef-Inspired Offerings

A developing movement to brand chef-inspired or gourmet ingredients and flavors at a premium price point in the form of “pro” or “premium” lines aims to meet help brands distinguish their offerings from a sea of niche and fragmented companies.

4. Unpuzzle Health

Simple communication backed by trusted certification reinforces health messages, especially when matched by consumer experience. Sports Nutrition brands identified that and started to add credibility to their products via research, certification partners and tech enhancements – all well communicated in the label.

5. Novel Plant-Based Ingredients

Underused ingredients and technology-enabled new formats open up wider spaces for standalone plant-based innovation and allowing brands to introduce novel plant-based proteins such as barley, watermelon seeds, sacha inchi and fava bean.

In the ever-evolving nutrition segment, Synergy’s team of flavor experts delivers an exceptional taste that will set your product apart in a crowded market. Our blend of art, science and insights ensures we are the perfect taste partner to bring your innovation to life.

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