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Innovation Cycle

We understand that innovation succeeds when we pull together experts from different disciplines to create solutions that push boundaries and deliver the competitive edge brands need to flourish. 

Combining marketing, sensory and analytical capabilities, flavor creation and application development, our cross-functional approach delivers great tasting products for our customers.

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Category Insights

Our team supports your innovation pipeline with category-focused insights derived from our market-leading insights platform.

Consumer Engagement

We invest heavily in market research and consumer insight to help you identify gaps in the market and make informed decisions.


We work closely with our customers, helping their innovation teams tap into the latest trends and insights.

Concept Development

Working together every step of the way, our marketing and technical teams can help you identify opportunities and create targeted products to capture new consumers and make an impact in a crowded marketplace.

Flavor Development

We’re experts when it comes to flavor creation. Our highly skilled team can craft flavors that match your criteria and keep consumers coming back for more.

Instrumental Analysis

Understanding the flavor profile of an ingredient is critical to the success of a product. Whether you’re matching a product or attempting to neutralize off-notes, our analytical capabilities enable us to create custom solutions that deliver the best possible taste experience.

Product Formulation

Working as an extension of your own new product development team, our expert applications technologists provide end to end recipe development to help bring your concept to life.

Consumer Validation 

No product succeeds unless it strikes the right note with customers. We use a range of consumer insight tools combined with in-house sensory capabilities, to ensure we fully understand your customer’s needs, wants and preferences.

Product Optimization

Whether you’re looking to optimize for cost, nutritional profile or even flavor delivery after extreme processing conditions, our solutions ensure you’re delivering the optimum taste experience for your end customers.

Regulatory Compliance

Our experts have an in-depth understanding of the complex regulatory landscape and will help ensure your products are fully compliant every step of the way.

Sourcing & Supply Chain

Our supply chain is fully optimized to ensure quality, efficiency, competitive pricing and sustainable sourcing for our customers.

Commercialization Support

Scaling up a product for launch can be fraught with challenges. We provide extensive cross-functional support to ensure your team has everything they need to make the leap from kitchen trials to full commercialization.

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Technical Research
& Reports

Our global team of experts is standing by to help you meet your flavor challenges.

Innovate with us

At Synergy Flavors, we start collaboration by asking our customers what their taste solution needs and requirements are for their products. We develop solutions based on the gold standard or target flavor profile defined by you with the assistance of our category insights and consumer research to ensure the product is successful.

Flavor science comes in next as our research and development team recreates the flavor in-house in a commercialized form, ensuring all regulatory and label restrictions are met during the custom taste solutions creation process. Whether you’re matching a product or attempting to neutralize off-notes, our analytical capabilities enable us to create custom solutions that deliver the best possible taste experience.

Working as an extension of your new product development team, our applications technologists help bring your concept to life and optimize the taste experience for your customers. Using a range of consumer insight tools and in-house sensory capabilities, we validate the new concept with your consumers and help you scale up a product for launch backed by our fully optimized supply chain.

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