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Savory Market Solutions

An increasingly growing market globally, savory food and drink is seeing innovation across both traditional and plant-based categories.

Manufacturers are tasked with meeting a variety of consumer demands within the savory products market as interest rises in both exotic profiles influenced by cultures across the globe, as well as traditional, established flavors for comfort and familiarity. From herbs and spices to global cuisines, meat and masking flavors, our unique portfolio of savory taste solutions is in tune with consumer desires and brand needs.

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Technical Challenges: Plant-Based Meat

When it comes to delivering a product that people remember, differentiating the flavor is a must. The secret to amazing plant-based protein flavors is in the flavoring process: understanding the gold standard flavor profile, then identifying the path to achieve it in your plant-based product.

Our experts have grown familiar with the nuances over years of perfecting the art and science of flavoring meat alternatives. We help customers achieve product success by:

  • Understanding the different market segments and the competitive flavor landscape.
  • Using powerful database tools to track menu and flavor trends as well as consumer preferences and then applying our unique insights to this discovery process.
  • Creating custom tasting sessions of market products to help identify the flavor attributes you want most.
  • Hosting custom culinary innovation sessions to help tailor your flavor profile.


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