The Sweet Scoop: Ice Cream Flavors that Evoke Summer Vacations and Nostalgia

There is something special about summer that makes it the perfect season for indulgence. The long days, warm evenings, and endless opportunities for fun and adventure contribute to new memories. And nothing encapsulates the essence of summer quite like a scoop of ice cream.

Ice cream is the quintessential summer treat, enjoyed at home on warm nights, at the beach or local pool, camping, and at vacation spots throughout the country. This strong seasonal connection makes it a staple of summer vacations and to the nostalgia trend that has consumers longing for the past and an idealization of simpler times.

Summer vacations often bring back memories of family road trips, visits to the beach and amusement parks. These experiences often include joy and carefree moments, which people fondly reflect on.

Iconic ice cream brands and flavors like Neapolitan, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are reminiscent of earlier times. Vintage ice cream parlors and ice cream trucks are enhancing this nostalgic experience with décor and flavors that offer a blast from the past.

Here are some ice cream flavors that will transport you back to carefree summer vacations:

Strawberry Shortcake

Nothing says summer like the sweet and slightly tart taste of fresh strawberries. Strawberry shortcake ice cream features creamy vanilla, chunks of cake and ribbons of strawberry swirl that transport you to summer picnics and garden parties.

Mint Chocolate Chip

A refreshing coolness, mint chocolate chip is perfect for hot summer days. The combination of minty freshness and rich chocolate chips reminds us of a backyard barbecue and early evenings spent chasing fireflies as the sun sets.

Coconut Pineapple

For a tropical escape, coconut pineapple ice cream brings the beach to you. The creamy coconut base with chunks of juicy pineapple makes you feel like you’re beachside, lounging under a palm tree with the sand between your toes and sipping on a cold piña colada.

Orange Creamsicle

This iconic orange creamsicle flavor is the ultimate trip down nostalgia lane to childhood when the ice cream truck jingle was the highlight of the afternoon. The sweet and tangy orange paired with smooth vanilla ice cream is the perfect blend of citrus and cream on a stick.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Rainy days called for carefree summer days baking with friends and family. The chunks of cookie dough mixed into creamy vanilla ice cream bring back memories of dipping our fingers into the mixing bowl and enjoying a preview of the soon-to-be cookies.


There is nothing more nostalgic than the classic campfire treat: s’mores. The ice cream combination of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker pieces takes you back to summer camping trips. Roasting marshmallows over a campfire, sandwiching them between chocolate and graham crackers, and telling ghost stories under the stars – this flavor is all about those unforgettable summer nights in the great outdoors.

Blueberry Pie

A blend of sweet blueberries and flaky pie crust, blueberry pie ice cream brings the classic summer dessert into frozen form. It reminds you of a trip to the farmer’s market, picking the ripest blueberries and baking a fresh pie to share with family. Each bite makes you feel like you’re at a family reunion, enjoying a slice of homemade pie.

While this list does not include every nostalgic flavor, these are a few that remind us of the best parts of summer: the vacations, adventures and simple moments. If you’re interested in nostalgic flavors or curious about our additional ice cream insights, contact us for a trends presentation and free tasting.