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Based on the latest market insights and trends from around the globe, our sweet flavors help you create delicious, trend-setting products to delight today’s curious consumer.

Comfort food has the unique ability to give people the “warm and fuzzies” or a sense of security and relaxation, even in uncertain times. Sweet goods are often associated with comfort and enjoyment, making them a familiar treat in which to explore new flavor profiles, indulge guilt-free or maintain lifestyle choices with vegan-friendly options.

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Sweet Market Solutions

With a state-of-the-art analytical lab, a broad portfolio of global flavor profiles and extensive in-house applications expertise, we remain in tune with the needs of manufacturers:

Cost Mitigation

  • Supply chain issues
  • Commodity fluctuations
  • Productivity and flavor consolidation

Flavor Innovation

  • Limited time offers
  • Promote trial purchases
  • International profiles & cross category utilization

Technical Challenges: Better-For-You Sweet Goods

While most consumers are indulging in sweet treats, one-third of consumers are reportedly eating fewer sweets to limit their consumption of the category. It’s no secret that since the onset of the pandemic consumers have become more invested in their health and wellness, so how can sweet goods fit into a healthier lifestyle?

As consumers look for sweet goods with reduced calories that tastes good, Synergy Flavors specializes in masking off-notes, boosting sweetness and adjusting flavors when working with low-calorie sweeteners. The same goes for vegan-friendly cookies, cakes or any sweet treat category item – the focus needs to be on flavor and we can get your product there with our decades of expertise in:

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Protein Fortified and Reduced sugar

Clean Label Claims

Conversion to Natural or Organic

Fair Trade and Non-GMO


Dry Mixes

Baked Goods

Sugar Confection



Frozen Novelties



Collaborative Environment

Consumer behaviors are changing, with increased appetite for premium, indulgent and exotic flavors that don’t compromise on convenience or health. 

We’re constantly researching the latest trends and influences to help you anticipate the next big trend, whether that’s exotic new tastes or a twist on classic favorites.

Our collaborative approach allows us to deliver tailored ingredients that complement your existing product recipes to stay relevant in a fast-changing market.

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