5 Trends to Watch 2024: Savory

Sweet-blends, spices and more, savory flavors continue to innovate across food and drink segments. Below is our round up of 5 Trends to Watch in Savory for 2024.

Check out our 5 Trends to Watch in 2024 featuring Savory:

     1. Discovering Umami.

One of the five basic tastes, umami is described as savory and is characteristic of broths and cooked meats. This year, expect to see dishes that include umami-rich ingredients like miso, seaweed, mushrooms and fermented soy products. These umami booster ingredients will be used to elevate sauces, broths and seasonings.

     2. Bold Flavors.

In 2024, bold and smoky flavors will be trending. The sweet and spicy flavor profile will be elevated this year with combinations like sweet and bitter, sour and umami, and spicy and sour, but bold flavor will remain the key focus for consumers. 

     3. Savory Adventures.

African spices like tangy berbere, chakalaka and iru, fermented locust beans, to take center stage. Korean cuisine will continue to move more mainstream with dishes like Bulgogi, Bibimbap, Korean fried chicken, Tteok-bokki (rice cakes) and japchae (sweet potato noodles). 

     4. Flavor Fusion.

Unique flavor fusion dishes add to the adventure for consumers’ senses. Rather than look for extreme heat these days, consumers want more nuanced flavor pairings like hot honey and chili and lemon lime. Flavor fusion dishes coincide with the Savory Adventures trend as many dishes rely on globally inspired recipes and ingredients. 

     5. Nostalgic Indulgence.

Nostalgic flavors and indulgent comfort foods continue to rise in popularity as consumers seek familiarity in childhood dishes. From hearty casseroles to a grown-up twist on grilled cheese, each generation will have its own go-to childhood favorites. 

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