Trendspotting: Superfruit Flavors in RTD Alcohol

Fruit blends and cocktail profiles have topped RTD alcohol launches in recent years, with flavors like citrus and margarita becoming staples in almost every brand. While we’ve seen some expansion into lemonades, punch, and tea, superfruits rank as the second fastest-growing flavor category within the segment (Innova New Products Database). 

Superfruit profiles are familiar to consumers and are associated with refreshment and better-for-you characteristics. As brands capitalize on “free-from” or “reduced” claims to capture health-conscious consumers, superfruit flavors are an easy grab.  

Pomegranate, yuzu, and dragon fruit own the top three slots within the flavor category across all alcohol launches in the last 5 years in North America, with lychee and acai rounding out the top five (Innova New Products Database). 

It’s not typical for these profiles to be used in single-flavor launches. Instead, you’ll likely see these paired with the top desired flavors in alcohol1: berry, citrus and tropical profiles, such as blueberry, mango, orange or lime2 (Synergy Flavors Primary Research1, Innova New Products Database2)

What does this mean for innovation? We’ll continue to see a multiple flavor approach to new product launches, with brands looking outside the norm for nuanced profiles. Superfruits, botanicals, spices and other fringe profiles will continue to draw consumer interest.

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