5 Trends to Watch 2024: Alternative Protein

Alternative protein will continue to evolve in 2024 to find its identity. The segment has seen many changes over the past few years, but it still needs to become more affordable and better for you.

We expect to continue hearing about the sustainability story attached to alternative protein and hope to see more regional cuisine flavors featured.

Check Out Our 5 Trends To Watch in 2024 featuring Alternative Protein

1. Continuing to Find its Identity

The alternative protein market has largely focused on mimicking animal-based meat and dairy products. We expect this segment to continue creating an identity of its own. Consumers want to see alternative protein technology enhance taste, texture and nutritional value, rather than copy traditional meat products.

2. Aspiring to Affordability

To compete with animal-based products, alternative proteins must achieve affordability to attract greater market share. The category remains twice to four times as expensive as conventional protein and in an inflated market, the cost is unattainable for many. We expect to see the category continue to work to lower prices, making products more attractive to all consumers.

3. Enhancing Nutritional Value

The alternative protein category will continue to focus on enhancing its nutritional value. As consumers continue to demand protein, the category needs to start addressing its high salt, low key nutrients and ultra-processed products, and improve transparency on nutrition labels.

4. Sustainability Story

The attraction to alternative protein for many consumers is that it’s a sustainable food system. In a recent report, the category needs to address the “growing disconnect between capital expenses planning and the complexity of making meaningful changes at a facility level to achieve sustainability goals.”

5. Travel Through Alternative Protein

Consumers will become repeat buyers if they like the taste of a product, which is especially true in the alternative protein category. Alternative protein might not be considered adventurous anymore, but we can offer consumers a sense of adventure by regional cuisine flavors. Popular cuisines include Asian, Mexican, Indian and regional U.S. favorites.

From maskers to flavors, the technical expertise required to create an exceptional-tasting alternative protein product can only come from a flavor specialist like Synergy Flavors. Contact us to learn more about our alternative protein expertise.