Dressing & Vinaigrette Flavors Meet Consumer Needs from Healthy to Indulgent

Consumer need states drive purchase behavior and thereby flavor trends. Health, weight management and fitness are the top need states that have consumers reaching for salad dressing. But flavor trends in the category show that dressings and vinaigrettes may also be filling consumers’ needs for indulgence and Edible Escapism.

North America is the fourth largest market for the mayonnaise, dressings and vinegar category designated by Innova Market Insights. In the US, 87% of new product launches in the category over the past three years were mayonnaise and dressings, while vinegar accounted for only 13% of new product launches, according to Innova’s report.

The most popular flavors in North America are buttermilk, Greek and basil. Ranch (18%), mayonnaise (14%), Italian dressing (10%), Caesar (8%), and honey mustard (4%) are the leading varieties of mayo and dressing launches from April 2022 through March 2023 in North America, according to Innova.

Unsurprisingly, summer is the dominating occasion for salad dressing as it is often a lighter and refreshing meal choice in the heat. But New Year’s Eve is the fastest-rising occasion, according to Tastewise, as consumers share recipes for the holiday and look to meal solutions for their resolutions to get healthier.

Indulgence & Adventure

Edible Escapism is a macrotrend identified through Next Wave, Synergy’s future-looking consumer trendspotting tool. This trend focuses on consumers traveling through their tastebuds, exploring the flavor of various cuisines from the comfort of home or a restaurant. Flavor and texture heavily influence consumers as 57% say they are the determining factors when buying dressings and vinaigrettes, according to Innova.

In retail, new product launches from April 2020 through March 2023 show an increase in authentic recipes from European countries like Italy, Greece and France; flavor inspirations from Asia; real cheese like parmesan, feta, blue and Romano; fruits and herbs; and a balance of sweet and spicy flavors.

Blue Cheese leads in new product development with its share increasing from 1.1% in March 2021 to 3.7% in March 2023. Romano, asiago and gorgonzola cheese are three of the top 10 fastest-growing flavors in dressings and vinaigrettes, according to Innova Market Database.

Innova’s database also shows the top 10 flavor blends in dressing and vinaigrettes draw on international flavors like ginger and Japanese miso; Asian and ginger; Parmesan cheese and garlic. Additional top flavor blends include cilantro and lime; garlic and lemon; avocado and cilantro; carrot and ginger; basil and lemon; Dijon mustard and honey; and herbs and lemon.

Savory at Synergy

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