Flavors of the Future

Rising stars of flavors for sports nutrition

Flavors of the Future

Sports Nutrition flavors inspired by global trends

The sports and performance nutrition market is characterized by innovation striving to meet the needs of a consumer base with an appetite for new formats and flavors.

Our experts are excited to meet these expectations and are constantly analyzing changing customer behaviors, social media chatter and wider market dynamics to help our clients understand and anticipate the next big trend.

For each region, we draw on cross-category inspiration to identify ten flavors ranging from emerging to established, which we predict will be the future must-have flavors for the sports nutrition market.

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Which trends are set to shape the winning flavors of tomorrow? How do we separate the fleeting from the enduring? What will make my products stand out? These are among our favorite conversations. 

So, we set out to devise our hot list of the rising stars of flavors for sports nutrition. Our journey of discovery begins with the flavor zeitgeist, harvesting ideas and inspiration from influential bloggers, food writers and futurologists. Then we benchmarked with real data such as product launches and global search trends.

Finally, our experts in flavor and sports nutrition assessed and refined to create our hot list; only those that they felt had true potential in the market making the final cut. 


East Asia

The population of East Asia is in excess of 1.5bn with roughly 20 million diaspora globally. As a result, the region is enormously influential globally and has been on the spotlight for the past few years.

In the Flavors of the Future report, we will be focusing on Chinese, Japanese and South Korean cuisines. Chinese food, in particular, is well established, with a 43.9% operator penetration in the US, according to Technomic. Japanese and Korean cuisines are more niche, with 27.1% and 7.3% penetration rate respectively, but are trendy and growing in popularity.


Flavors of the Future 3 – East Asia Full Report

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