Trendspotting: Tropical Fruit Flavors are Heating up this Winter

Traditional winter food and drink flavors like peppermint, cranberry, gingerbread or warm brown spices will always have a place with new product launches. But consumers continue to look for new flavors in seasonal launches and exotic fruits are heating up this winter.

Fruit flavors are already popular in limited editions – strawberry and orange are currently the most popular – but there has been significant growth in other fruit flavors, particularly exotic fruits that add indulgence to a product. In fact, tropical fruit flavor has seen the strongest growth in limited editions, boasting a 54% compound annual growth rate over the past five years, according to Innova Market Insights’ report Flavor Creation: Indulgent Flavors Adorn Seasonal and Limited Edition F&B.

The report also indicates citrus is another flavor to see strong growth. While tropical fruits and citrus are often seen in summer product launches, we are seeing these flavors shine in new product launches throughout the year. For example, Lindt’s Dark Chocolate with Citrus Mint filling was launched in the Czech Republic in September 2021. Voortman Bakery’s Tropical Fruit Wafers launched in October 2021.

Exotic fruits like pomegranate and mango are in the growth and introductory phase respectively, in the flavor lifecycle. Yuzu, a citrus fruit in East Asia, is also being introduced as an up-and-coming winter flavor. For more information about trending winter flavors, schedule your one-on-one presentation of Inspiring Seasons: Winter.

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