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Brazilian Coffee | Synergy Flavors

Brazilian Coffee - Applications

Brazilian Coffee - Applications


All natural Synergy Pure™ Brazilian Coffee Essence delivers the invigorating aroma and authentic flavor notes of a perfectly-brewed cup of Brazilian coffee for premium taste in food and beverage products.

  • Brazilian Style Brewed Iced Coffee
  • Protein Power Bites
  • Coffee Cream Liqueur (Try in our Brazilian Mocha Martini recipe)

To sample our 100% Brazilian Coffee Essence or specialty application, please contact your Synergy Flavors sales representative at (847) 487-1011 or send us a note by clicking here

Brazilian coffee pageblock

Brazilian coffee pageblock

Brazilian Coffee Essence

Brazil has been the largest coffee producer for over 150 years and is responsible for 1/3 of the worlds coffee today.  Synergy sourced beans from the Sul de Minas region of Brazil made a 100% Brazilian Coffee Essence that captures the rich character and aroma of the world's favorite cup. 

To read more about our 100% Brazilian Coffee Essence and specialized applications, click here. 

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