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Mulled Spice | Synergy Flavors

Mulled Spice - Global Warming

Mulled Spice - Global Warming

Global Warming 

The distinctive flavor of mulled spice blends evokes the warmth, comfort and cozy conviviality associated with hygge. Danish culture isn’t alone in its quest for comfort and cheer.

Call it Glögg, Glühwein, Wassail or Otoso—as Autumn and winter months turn brisk, consumers around the world craft mulled beverages for holiday celebrations or to simply raise a warm toast to good health and good company.

Mulled Spice - Unexpected Pairings

Mulled Spice - Unexpected Pairings

Unexpected Pairings

Historically, the character of mulled spices graced hot beverages alone. However, the experts at Synergy have created a Mulled Spice flavor that captures the essential oils’ interaction during mulling, bringing nostalgia to any application. 

  • Bourbon & Mulled Spice Chocolate Cup
  • Bourbon & Mulled Spice Applesauce
  • Mulled Spice Old Fashioned
  • Mulled Spice & Blood Orange Protein Drink
  • Mulled Spice Apple Tartlets
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