Synergy Flavors Completes Two Primary Schools in Madagascar This Year

Wauconda, Ill. – Synergy Flavors Inc., a leading supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry, is proud to announce the completion of a new primary school in Andrapengy, Madagascar. This is the 12th school funded by the company since 2016 in partnership with the Madagascar Development Fund (MDF) and the first to offer preschool.


The Andrapengy school houses three classrooms filled with locally made school benches, teachers’ desks and chairs, as well as bookshelves and cupboards. The school has 182 registered students and is the first Synergy-funded primary school to offer preschool.


The completion of the new primary school increased capacity and improved conditions for both students and teachers, replacing the previous school that was badly damaged by a cyclone.


The Andrapengy school is the second Synergy-funded primary school completed this year. In January, a new primary school was completed in Ambodipont Sahana, Madagascar. The new cyclone-resistant primary school is equipped with benches and desks, increased capacity and enables local children to receive a basic education in greatly improved conditions.


“The completion of both primary schools is a great way to bookend the year,” Synergy Flavors CEO and President Rod Sowders said. “We know education is a pathway out of poverty and are pleased to provide more children in the SAVA region with an improved educational environment.”


To learn more about the vanilla growing and harvesting process, watch the company’s video The Vanilla Process & Giving Back. The video also highlights Synergy Flavors’ commitment to furthering the education of Malagasy children and the economic growth of an impoverished country.


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