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RTD coffee focuses innovation on high-quality ingredients and transparent, healthier formulation, including provenance and sustainability claims, sugar reduction and plant-based line extensions. 37% of consumers who purchase plant-based beverages do so based on the notion that plant-based is healthier than dairy-containing products.


Caffeine isn’t the only reason consumers are reaching for more coffee. According to Mintel, 47% of US coffee consumers would like to see antioxidants in their RTD coffee; 40% are interested in brain health; 35% are interested in anti-inflammatory effects; and 35% of consumers are interested in added protein.


Coffee’s massive market growth over the years has created a blurring effect between categories, with coffee growing as a favored flavor across industries, including other beverage categories, like alcohol. Looking to jump on the botanical flavor trend driven by millennials, many alcohol companies are adding hard coffee extensions to their current offerings, hoping to boost sales throughout the 2020s.

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While coffee has been in the spotlight for some time, with the RTD coffee market expecting a trajectory growth upward of $18 billion by 2023 according to Packaged Facts, the RTD tea market is gaining its fair share of consumer spending, with the market expecting to hit $9 billion in the same period.

[The Trends: Tea]


Tea proves to be a safe avenue to explore functional additions as 24% of US tea drinkers are already consuming the beverage for its nutritious properties. According to Mintel, 34% of all new tea product launches including some sort of functional claim, relating to digestive health, energy, brain health or antioxidants. 


Aside from RTD formulations, tea is lending itself to other categories, acting as a source of clean energy. Sports drinks, energy drinks and other functional beverage categories look to tea as a natural caffeine source, providing a non-metabolized boost of energy to consumers by stimulating brain receptors.


Functional claims aside, tea has grown into a lifestyle commodity for the modern consumer, with new flavors and formats suited for any occasion. From blended herbal teas for a less caffeinated and more flavorful experience to colorful, “Insta-worthy” teas served at local cafés, tea is a neutral vehicle ready to explore new avenues of innovation among formats and ingredients.

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As consumers continue to take health and wellness into their own hands, coffee and tea provide an alternative, health-haloed route to exploration within the beverage space. From added functionality, to category blurring, to flavor revolution, two of the world’s oldest beverages continue to provide innovation in an ever-changing, consumer-centric market space.

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