Dairy Alternatives

Authenticity in non-dairy products

Dairy Alternative Solutions

Plant-based products with authentic dairy flavor

As plant-based product launches continue to rise, so does the expectation from consumers that yogurt and dessert alternatives should taste as indulgent as their dairy counterparts. With dairy flavour at the heart of our business, we have used our knowledge of complex dairy profiles to create a range of tailored solutions that build indulgence and richness across a range of non-dairy bases.

Consumer behaviors are changing, with increased appetite for premium, indulgent and exotic flavors that don’t compromise on convenience or health. We’re constantly researching the latest trends and influences to help you understand what consumers desire, whether that’s exotic new tastes or a twist on classic favorites.

Our collaborative approach allows us to deliver tailored ingredients that complement your existing product recipes to stay relevant in a fast-changing market.

Taste Modulation

Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry are under growing pressure to produce healthier products without compromising on taste.  This can mean ingredient reduction to improve nutritional labelling or adding others to boost the health profile, both of which create unique and complex taste challenges. 

     Our taste modulation portfolio leverages a robust toolbox of characterizing and modulating taste solutions to address these multi-dimensional taste challenges and deliver healthy products with the taste consumers love. 


Globally, vanilla is one of the most frequently used and most beloved sweet flavours, particularly in dairy alternative products!

We combine over 100 years of vanilla extraction expertise with our dairy heritage to deliver quality extracts that range from beanie tones to impactful creamy profiles, customized to help elevate your dairy product.


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