In an industry where taste reigns supreme, most plant-based foods have missed the mark.

Synergy primary consumer research shows less than 15% of plant-based consumers signify taste as a purchase motivator for dairy-alternatives.

 Interested in more insights on the dairy-alternative consumer? Access the report here.

How do we bridge the gap?

Let's talk about the YUM factor! 

 The YUM factor is based on the gustatory response to a pleasurable taste and odor experience says Antelmo Tristani, Sr. Flavor Chemist.

Through the art and science of flavor chemistry Synergy has developed vegan flavor solutions.  

[The Vegan Challenge]


Fat equals satisfaction. When removing animal fat we lose the mouthfeel of indulgence which cannot be fully built back by plant-based sources alone.


When using plant-based proteins they often come with their own unfavorable flavor profiles which adds another layer of complexity. 

[The Cover Up]

Sodium Chloride

One of the oldest flavor modifiers is salt. Delivering quality flavors for vegan savory applications can be challenging because it is easy to over flavor and over salt these applications. 


In the war against sugar, vegan sweet applications often come with many caveats. When sweeteners are being used to mask off-notes this results in new sensory challenges. 

 As children we are trained to like sugar from infancy...

"After decades of research in sugar molecules and creation of sweetener systems to mimic sugar, we always find ourselves going back to sugar." - A. Tristani



Defining the end goal   

Kicking off a new project begins with touch points to the proper sales, marketing and technical professionals to support consumer insights and formulation guidance.


Presenting a customized solution

Once the project scope is defined flavor and application specialists will design the best performing solution that meet quality and regulatory guidelines. 

THE 'Evaluation'

Approving consumer panels

Ensuring product is ready for market can be supported by our in-house sensory team and production trials to assist clients' independent consumer testing. 


Get in touch with our taste experts to customize the best solution for you. 

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